The Incorrect Western Perception of Aryans

When Adolf Hitler built his regime in the 1930s and 1940s and created what we now look upon as Nazi Germany, he reigned in the populous with his verbiage of Aryan superiority and Jews being the enemy.

Hitler was a prime example of many faults within our society and also of many faults with humankind. Here are some:

  • Hitler blamed the Jews for many uncontrollable issues to create an enemy. This is something that governments, dictators, kings, etc. have done for centuries. It is something almost every government in the world does today. They create an enemy to rally the people against to unite the people. This is a huge fault of our society but it is because we are people that we stand every man for himself until we have a reason to group together.
  • Hitler believed in Aryan supremacy, that a certain race was better than the rest. This group of people included Indo-Aryans, making it relevant to this site. This whole concept is incorrect at any level in any society at any point in time. It tends to prevail, however, because people tend to find any excuse they can to prove themselves better than other people.
  • It is not just Hitler as a person that was faulty. The history (written by the victors) that calls him ‘crazy’ and says that he was diagnosed with a mental disorder is also incorrect. While the evidence for the subject is constantly changing, many will say, when asked, that Hitler was most definitely mentally deranged. Western media and people still, today, try to diminish Hitler’s influence by making him out to be a clear villain in the story of the twentieth century. I am no Hitler supporter, but what I constantly read about him seems much too biased to me, making Adolf Hitler seem like the devil alive. But how, then, if he truly was so evil, did he collect so many followers and have such an impact on the planet? This is a clear circumstance of biased history and media trying to corrupt the minds of many. The media is incredibly manipulative in this day and age.

To move on from that, I have not yet addressed the main point of this article; The Incorrect Western Perception of Aryans–in other words, why the word ‘Aryan’,  which means nothing terrible at root, cannot be spoken in Western society without the speaker being deprecated. Aryan, as a word, simply means noble–Aryans are Indo-Iranian people, nothing more, nothing less. They are not a race in the sense that most Western people will state if you ask them.

Wikipedia states that the term Aryan was “adopted as a racial category through the works of Arthur de Gobineau, whose ideology of race was based on an idea of blonde northern European “Aryans” who had migrated across the world and founded all major civilizations, before being degraded through racial mixing with local populations.”

This sentence in its entirety destroys, probably, the idea of Aryans as an ‘enemy’ that the Western populace sees it as. The ‘Aryans’ you think about, the blonde-haired blue-eyed people, are not a correct interpretation of the word. The racist concept of Aryans that founded Nazi Germany is not accurate at all. Aryans are a people located East of what they were thought of, and they are not an amazing people. They are a group like any other.

This is what the West needs to recognize and learn from–being an Aryan is not a race, not superiority. It means culture and history.

We need to move on from Hitler and de Gobineau, whose ideas were unfounded and incorrect–we need to recognize and let others recognize their past. We need to accept the wrongdoings of the twentieth century and move on.